Starting March 6th, 2015, join the thousands across America by taking the 10 Day Juice Fast Challenge! It’s Free. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Read the message below in it’s entirety, watch the trailer, and signup!

Hi! My name is Brandon Ellis and I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist. Many years ago a friend changed my life by teaching me how to change my unhealthy habits. She taught me how to eat, how to drink, to add more raw foods into my diet, and to juice, juice, juice. Following her advice, I quickly saw the amazing effects – a healthier appearance, a lot more energy, a clearer mind, and the “want” to exercise and to be more active.

Years later I watched a documentary called, “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead,” by Joe Cross. He was 100 lbs over weight and had a rare debilitating autoimmune disease called chronic urticaria. Tired of how he felt and where he was in life, he decided to change his unhealthy ways. What he embarked upon was a 60 day juice fast. No food – just juice. Along the way he challenged a few people to do a juice fast. If they wouldn’t agree to do a 60 day juice fast, he’d propose a 10 day juice fast instead.

After watching the documentary, I did just that. A 10 day juice fast. I drank only organic vegetable juice prepared from my own juicer. The results were amazing. I lost 5 lbs, I felt like I could walk on air, my vision became crystal clear, and my mind, including my memory, was better than ever.

I told a couple of clients about my experience. They both watched the movie and tried the juice fast as well. One of them could only make it eight days and the other made it ten. However, both individuals spoke of a vast improvement in the way they felt. I saw both of them on the last day of their juice journey and was astonished at how much weight they lost and how much their skin and eyes glowed.

This gave me an idea. What if everyone tried this? Even if they don’t make it ten days, they’d still feel the amazing benefits of juicing. This may be the push they need to add “juicing” into their diet. Maybe they’d make juicing a part of their lives by adding a glass of juice once a day, or heck, maybe even twice a day! They’d see and feel the power that fresh, raw nutrients provide.

Thus came the decision to create this website and start the 10 Day Juice Fast Challenge!

The challenge begins March 6th, 2015 and the deadline to sign up is Sunday, March 1st, 2015. We’ll spend 10 days of our lives juicing. No food, just juice. We’ll juice 5 – 6 times a day.

I know, I know. It’s a lot to ask, but trust me, you’ll enjoy the end result. It’s not as hard as it sounds. If I can do it, then you can too. And, there’s a huge incentive to this challenge. The incentive is that you start giving your body what it needs in order to operate at an optimal level. Juicing feeds your cells an abundant array of incredible forces, such as micro-nutrients and minerals, that changes the way you look, feel, and live. You’ll know what it feels like to be truly healthy. And, best of all, it’s FREE to sign up! There’s no gimmicks and no sales pitch either. You simply show up and do it.

Dr. Paavo Airola explains: “Contrary to the popular notion, you don’t get weakened or depleted by fasting; the opposite is true, particularly if you employ a juice fast. After juice fasting you will feel stronger and revitalized; your health condition will be markedly improved, your physical and mental working capacity will be increased. You not only will feel revitalized but also will look younger than before fasting. And this is not only because of lost pounds, but mostly because the fasting has such a profound rejuvenating effect on the functions of all the vital organs, including the functions of the all-important endocrine glands, which are so decidedly responsible for how young or how old you will feel and look.” Pg. 16, How to Keep Slim, Healthy and Young with Juice Fasting: The Age Old Way to a New You!

So, how do you sign up?

First, watch the clip below of “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead,” by Joe Cross. It will motivate you to start a juice fast. If you want, rent the movie, sit down, and watch it. You won’t regret it.

Second, sign up by typing in your name and email address in the boxes below, then click submit. By doing so, you’ll join the thousands across America who’ll be doing this with you. You’ll also receive a FREE ebook worth $9.99, which is full of recipes, a 10 Day Juice Fast menu, instructions on how to prepare for a juice fast, and important tid-bits about juice fasting and juicing in general. When the juice fast starts, you’ll receive daily motivational emails that will help you from day 1 to day 10.

This is your chance to make a big change. A lasting change. Your chance to experience the benefits of juicing.

Join and find out what it really feels like to be healthy and free, to live long and happy.

* Important Note: I, the owner of www.juicefastchallenge.com, will never rent, sell, or give your personal information away to anyone, third party or otherwise. Guaranteed!

** If you decide to join the 10 Day Juice Fast Challenge, then please do so at your own risk and after consulting your health care professional in order to be on the safe side. Fasting may not be suited for folks with certain chronic conditions or syndromes. Do your due diligence first. Read the www.juicefastchallenge.com’s Health Disclaimer **

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