There are times in your life that you know you need a change — a step in a healthy direction. Sometimes you need a nudge and sometimes you need help with like-minded individuals who are also seeking a healthy change in their lifestyle. You get both here.

The goal of a juice fast is to create a healthy body, one that you used to know as a child and hopefully as a teenager, where energy and vitality seemed to flow through you with ease.

However, it is best explained by Dr. Paavo Airola:

After juice fasting you will feel stronger and revitalized; your health condition will be markedly improved, your physical and mental working capacity will be increased. You not only will feel revitalized but also will look younger than before fasting. And this is not only because of lost pounds, but mostly because the fasting has such a profound rejuvenating effect on the functions of all the vital organs, including the functions of the all-important endocrine glands, which are so decidedly responsible for how young or how old you will feel and look.” Pg. 16, How to Keep Slim, Healthy and Young with Juice Fasting: The Age Old Way to a New You!

Signing up for the Juice Fast Challenge costs you nothing. Plus, you get a free book that will lead you, step by step, on your way to a successful juice fast.


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